Bronx-bred rhymer ASARU who now calls the South home, is emerging in music with his limitless lyrical approach that is both versatile and assertive. As a result, this trailblazing talent was recently dubbed one of Creative Loaf’s “22 Tampa Bay Rappers to Watch in 2022”! As a NY-native, staying true to his roots, ASARU rocks the mic like a boxer stepping into the ring declaring “it’s showtime!”! Although, this lyricism is reminiscent of a bygone era in hip- hop — ASARU manages to keep the style fresh and exciting! With a decade into his artistry, Asaru is gearing to take the culture by storm displaying skill, authenticity and originality. Additionally showcasing strength and power in his voice to produce a significant shift in energy. At a young age, Asaru possessed an unmatched stage presence that striked every person who witnessed it. Too young to get into clubs, the godfather of Tampa hip-hop, DJ Sandman provided the emerging emcee a platform to perfect his craft. Since the start, Asaru has touched and dominated a number of stages and in 2022, he’s taking things up a notch!

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